Voices inside my head

We all have ‘Inner Voices’ inside of us (our Mind). These voices can be pretty busy. Some are talking to us in a positive way. Other voices are talking to us in a more judgemental negative way. The question is:
Which voices do we listen to?
Which voices do we believe?
Which voices do we choose, to influence our behavior?

I am not saying it’s easy to choose, to believe the positive voices. Believe me, I know it’s hard (I have a strong mind too, you know?!  ;- )  ). Our Mind can sabotage us big time, but it always has good intentions: to protect us. From getting hurt, from rejection, from feeling unsafe.
But (!) it’s good to be aware of the different ‘Inner Voices’. Listening to all ‘Inner Voices’ is important. It doesn’t work to surpress some of them. They want to be seen and heard. All of them! In this way you get to know them, the whole palet of ‘Inner Voices’. The whole YOU. These voices:
How do they sound?
How do they make me feel?
In what way do they influence me?
What do they need from me?

That can be a very interesting experiment. To go into a dialogue with those different ‘Inner Voices’. It’s a journey which can last a lifetime: investigating your ‘Inner Voices’ and learning to trust and believe the Voices, that help us to feel free.
I also believe, that this inner journey, will help to express yourself more and more to the outside world. Express yourself as a whole Human Being, not only the sides of yourself that you, or others, accept. And there lies: FREEDOM!

Lyrics “The Voices inside my head”:

The voices inside my head
How do I choose?
Do I listen
or not?

I have to do better
Work harder
Be more pretty
More skinny
More fast
More efficient
More smart
More succesfull
More balanced
More honest
More perfect

The voices inside my head
How do I choose?
Do I listen
or not?

I am good enough
I am sufficient
I am an endless Source of Love
I am hole
I am perfect, in all my imperfections
I am Devine
I am Devine

The voices inside my head
How do I choose?
Do I listen
or not?

© Femke ‘Deva Gita’ Zwart

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