Return again

‘Return again’ is a lovely song. The original is sang by Shaina Noll.
It’s about connecting with your True Essence, your Soul.

2 days after returning home from the “Priestess of Avalon training’ in Glastonbury, England, I recorded this version at home. This training, this journey has opened me up further…embracing my softness, vulnerability, sensitivity more. And feeling the power in this! And so many more gifts that I was able to receive, as well as give during this training.

I believe one of the big challenges we face in life is to go beyond our mind. To not live our lifes only from the mind because our mind is to limited and you will miss out on a lot of oppurtunities, fun and magic in life. And to make a connection with our heart and with our deep Essence, our Soul. To connect with others, from that place.

“May we all find Peace in our Hearts
May we all Honor the Path of our Soul
May we all (re)connect with Mother Earth”

Love to you!
Deva Gita/Femke

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