Ode to Self- Thank you Dear One

‘Ode to Self’ is a song which invites you to feel gratitude and love towards yourself. We are very good at judging ourselves. Focusing on where we need to improve ourselves, where we are not good enough. With this song I want to remind us (myself and you) to be more loving towards ourselves. Focusing on our gifts, qualities, steps we have made in life…to see ourselves in a positive way. I believe, from that point of selflove, we can give and share more love to others as well.Ā With the New Year almost beginning that doesn’t seem like a bad intention šŸ˜‰

Lyrics you will find underneath this video.

Ode to Self- Thank you dear one

Thank you dear one
For all the challenges you went through this year
For your courage to get to know yourself better
For your attempts to heal, and all the times you succeeded

Thank you dear one
For all the times you were brave to step into your light and out of your comfortzone
For the times you went into your darkness and really made your way through
For all the learning lessons you opened yourself up to receive

Thank you dear one
For all the times you reached out to others
Even in times the other one was not able or willing to receive
Thank you for trying

Thank you dear one
For inspiring, triggering, helping and loving others
For loosing judgements and thereby opening the door to more (self)love , acceptance & gratitude
For falling in love with life, with people, with yourselfā€¦more and more!

Thank you dear one
I love you!
I love me!
I love life!

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