‘Hee mens’ & soundimprovisation (Open Mic, cafe Averechts)

This is me singing on stage at an open mic evening 16th of february 2016 in cafe Averechts, Utrecht (the Netherlands). First I sing a dutch song ‘Hee mens’ I have written myself. After that you see/hear me improvising with sound.

My experience on stage last tuesday

Before I went on stage last tuesday I was feeling nervous. I was not sure what I wanted to sing. At home I had listened to songs of Adele, Pink, John Legend, Birdie and some other artists. I looked at some of my own songs which I haven’t sang for a while. I didn’t had enough time to practice, to learn words by heart which created stress inside of me. However, I did feel I wanted and needed to sing on stage that night. To stop finding excuses in my mind and just: DO IT. The time of excuses is over!

I didn’t wanted to go on stage as some ‘professional performer’ because I am not. Maybe I will never be (whatever ‘professional performer’ means 🙂 ). I didn’t wanted to put on a mask while on stage or be busy with creating perfect circumstances. In that way I would forget the Essence what it’s about for me.

As soon as I was on stage, not all but most of my nerves went away and I felt quite at ease till my surprise. I had fun! And I received a big present from the audience, a ‘thank you for the music’ because they stopped talking, and started listening while I was singing.

The Essence for me

Singing on stage for me, after years of liberating my voice, is still not the easiest thing to do. Fears tend to get in the way. The most important thing I felt was: I want to BE. I want to BE on stage, as me! I want to share my sounds, my unique voice, my love, my joy and happiness with others. I want to share my Essence with you and in this way; make a contribution to creating this energyfield where we all feel we can share our love, talents, speak/sing our Truth, etc.

I know how much singing makes me feel alive and awake. It opens my heart and its creates a lot of joy and happiness… all around. So I am challenging myself to overcome my fears and to sing more, in front of an audience. More to come… 🙂

* The song ‘Hee mens’ I wrote 2 years ago after attending a festival where I met some beautiful people. Actually it’s still a ‘draft’ but I felt I wanted to sing it on stage. I hope to meet musicans so together we can make this song even better (and make a professional recording out of it) 🙂

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