When you take your space…

When you take your space, it’s not only a gift to yourself but also to the World!

It’s not the first time in my life that I realised that my gifts are also a gift to the World. BUT: this time I really felt it into my core, deep within. It made me so happy, this realisation. What applies to me, ofcourse also applies to you!

The World is waiting for you! For your talents, your gifts, your authenticity, your true face, your feelings. Make yourself see-able and hearable in the World and share your sounds.

This video is about giftsharing and it’s also a big THANK YOU to my fellow travellers this year, doing my 4th long training in sound/voice-expression which I finished yesterday.

I was able to receive and give so many gifts this year.  Wowwww!

What is the gift you want to share with the World? Or what’s stopping you from sharing your gift?
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  1. Dank je wel Femke! wat een mooi echt verhaal en ja, dit is waar het om gaat. Liefs, Marius

    • Dank je wel Marius! Jaaaa, dit is waar het echt om gaat. Gaaf dat jij jouw weg bent gegaan vele jaren geleden en nu zoveel mensen inspireert, zodat wij het ook weer door kunnen geven aan anderen. Tot in het nieuwe jaar. Liefs Femke

  2. ruth hendrickx says

    Yes yes while listening to you I could just feel the earth move underneath our feet. You are growing, trembling like a fresh leaf on a tree. While at the same time you have the power of the whole tree in you. What an inspiration to see and hear and feel you do this. True so true. It is “poepsimpel”. Just being you IS the gift. Realising this simple truth and allowing it in your body as you describe also that it was not the first time but now it sank in your core. That is visible in your whole glowing essence. Also those gestures you made with one hand curled up bouncing in the palm of the other hand was like a dance to me. As I told you when we met, your face is so changed in these last years. There is a beauty that was there all the time in the lines and shapes of your face but was hidden at the same time underneath some strange veil. Thank you I have recieved your gift and I will honour it by making good use of it to do the same more and more. You water my tree by your beauty. Love and Namaste dear beautiful soul.

    • Thank you dear Ruth… beautiful soul….sister!
      What a gift you gave me, by sending me these words, thank you!

      How great to hear that you get my message and that you feel inspired by it. Yessss!
      Let’s do it more & more; SHINE with all our beauty so our soul can light the World.
      And by beauty I don’t only mean the nice lovely parts in us. There is also beauty in our anger, sadness, shame, vulnerability…and so on.

      Love to you!

  3. Hé lieve mooie Femke,
    Ik vind het heerlijk om naar je te kijken en te luisteren, super inspirerend. Je bent zó mooi bezig! Ja, ruimte innemen…zo herkenbaar. Ik wens je veel liefde en overvloed op je pad! X

    • Hoi Marianne,

      Wat een heerlijke woorden, fijn om te ontvangen. Dank je wel.
      Ik wens jou ook veel liefde, overvloed en ruimte, heel veel ruimte om volledig jezelf te zijn en jezelf in de wereld te zetten met jouw prachtige werk.


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