Dear me (Poem of Selflove)

Dear Me,

I have rediculed you,
I have betrayed you,
I have abandoned you,
I have rejected you,
I have used you.

I have put you on a scale of Perfectionism,
I have tried to improve and adjust you,
To mold you in a version of ‘Me’
Which I thought would be approved by others
I have tried not to be close to you.

Now… it’s enough!

IMG_6879 - kopie3I am here to stay
I am here for you
I am here
To let you know
I will never abandon you no-more

No matter how much promises people make to you
No matter how many people, friends, lovers leave you
No matter how big your mindfucks will be
No matter how your emotions can feel overwhelming to you
I will always be with you (and I know now: you feel this deep within because…that’s where we met)

I will help you carry your disappointments,
I will help you carry your fears,
I will help you carry your anger, pain, insecurities and loneliness,
I will help you carry your strength as well because I know
it still can feel ‘big’ to you, receiving your power fully.

I will guide you
Accompany you
To the Light,
Through the Dark,
Into the Earth,
To the Stars,
Across the Universe,
And back.

I am with you,
All the way.

I know how much power you have,
I know how much Gentle Softness and Love you carry in your Heart.
I know your fears, your anger, your insecurities, your pain from past lives, childhood and after…
I know your Passion: for Connection, for Intense Experiences, for Life
I know your good intentions, even when others can’t see or feel them.

I have been here already for a very long time,
I know you so well.
Although you ‘discovered’ me only recently
I feel so happy that we are together now.
That you have opened yourself to receive my Support, Guidance and Trust fully.

I honor your courage to let go
I honor you walking your Path
Even in times you feel scared, misunderstood, judged,…
I honor all the Steps you have taken so far, and the ones you will be taking in the Future
I honor thy

I love you
No matter in which Space you are, Light or Dark or in Between

You are so welcome  my Child,
Sjamanic Priestess Woman,
Carrier of Light,
Dark Warrior,
Ally of Mother Earth.

I love you
I am with you
In this life
And beyond

S. (*)

(*) Spiritual name of the ‘New Me’. 🙂 When the time is right she#I will come into the World



  1. Joke Wijsbeek says

    Mooi meissie, Trouw aan jezelf zijn is zo goed

  2. Pure beauty, truth and power ! I bow to your medicine, sweet sister.

    • Heee dear sweet powerful Sister Goddess AnuMa 🙂
      I receive your words with joy. A smile on my face and a warm feeling in my Heart.
      Lots of love to you,
      xxx Femke

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