Me and my body: letting go a pattern of 28 years

Creating a safety layer Since I am 10 years old, I have had 'Body-issues'. At that time in my life, I started to eat more, and put on weight. We just moved when I was 10 and for a short period of time I was being bullied at my new school. I did not … [Read more...]

Love Letter to ‘Tiger’

Dear sweet ‘Tijgertje’, I have never wrote a letter like this before, but you deserve some special words. This is my Love Letter to you. A big decision The last months I had to make a lot of decisions. The hardest one had to do with you. A … [Read more...]

When your Soul talks, and you listen, Magic enters your Life

Tranformational Ride It has been quite a ride the last 6 months. A lot of transformation going on in my life. Dealing with my patterns (and experimenting with new behaviour), believes, feelings,  several friendships ‘dying’on me and new ones hardly … [Read more...]

The Power of the Heart

Physical So…. we have this ‘thing’. This amazing 'thing': a Heart. An organ, a muscle, a very strong muscle that gives us life. Pomping blood, 4-5 liters per minute, to every part of our body. How amazing is that! The Heart, working for us, every … [Read more...]

Ode to Mother(s)

Around 5.5 years ago, fall 2009, my mum called me. I think for her (as well as for me) it must have been one of the most important and difficult calls in her life. “I went to the doctor”, she started. I felt immediately: “Oh shit, this is not gonna … [Read more...]

A dance for you people: WAKE UP & GO BEYOND ‘THE SYSTEM’ (an invitation to open your heart)

We face a lot of challenges today. Politics, governments, laws and rules, earth polution, wars, rapes, abuse. Parents abusing their children verbally, fysically or emotionally. Education systems that don't work anymore for today's children. A big … [Read more...]

The Answer is in Silence… zei mijn Yogi thee :-)

Ken je Yogi thee? Die leuke doosjes in verschillende smaken met aan elk theezakje een mooie spreuk? Elke keer als ik zo’n theetje neem, dan ben ik weer nieuwsgierig welke woorden ik mag ontvangen. Een paar weken terug zei mijn yogi-thee: “The Answer … [Read more...]

Marshall Rosenberg: Meester in ‘Connecting Sounds via het gesproken woord’ overleden

Marshall Rosenberg was voor mij een ‘meester in het gesproken woord’. Hij is overleden op 7 februari 2015. Hij was psycholoog en bedenker van ‘Non violent communication’. In het Nederlands ‘geweldloze’ of ‘verbindende’ communicatie … [Read more...]

Barking deer calling her Tribe

Barking deer calling her tribe This morning I went riding on my bike to the gym. A beautiful deer was barking. I don't know if it was a male or a female deer. I read that female deers can also have antlers.* Anway, I was in a hurry to make it to my … [Read more...]

AU to my Ego…but JIPPIEJEE to my Heart!

AU to my Ego...but JIPPIEJEE to my Heart! About showing true faces..... I LIKE (thumbs up! ;-) )   Today I posted a new profile picture of myself on facebook. This time not a picture which radiates happiness, joy, love, energy, my … [Read more...]