When your Soul talks, and you listen, Magic enters your Life

Tranformational Ride

It has been quite a ride the last 6 months. A lot of transformation going on in my life. Dealing with my patterns (and experimenting with new behaviour), believes, feelings,  several friendships ‘dying’on me and new ones hardly arising; confronting me with feelings of disappointment, sadness, loneliness. Confusion about my business, about which direction to go further in life, insecurity about how to manifest my qualities into the World. Switching big time with energy. From going outwards, sharing and expressing a lot with the world to more inwards, seeking more peace and quiteness. In that way: connecting with my Soul and discovering her longing at this point. For some time I was struggeling with that clear message my Soul showed me, because it confronted me with quite some fears, doubts and insecurity. It means a lot of letting go…leaving my safe comfortzone and dive deep into ‘a Pool of Unknown’.

My mind went into resistance, big time:
‘Are you sure?’
‘You invested so much money, time and energy in setting up your business, now you want to quite that?’
What are you running away from?’

When your Soul talks and you listen the Magic enters your life klein formaat

“The mist at Sunrise in Avalon” (Glastonbury, England. August 2015) Picture: Femke ‘Deva Gita’ Zwart

My Soul longing

My Soul, this deep place within me where my Essence lies, where my Truth lies, where endless Softness and Love lies… she spoke to me. Or I should say: I started to listen. 🙂 After a process of going inwards, investigating my fears, doubts, all my thoughts that my Mind ‘threw at me’, I could not resist this deep Soul longing no further. I have never felt such a clear Call from my Soul before.

My Soul wants to feel free and have some time off, from the busy ‘system’ where I live in at the moment. I don’t want to keep joining the ‘Ratrace’ of always striving for more, different, better: more clients, more happiness, more money, more fulfillment, more succes, more inner balance, etc. For the time being my Soul just wants; to be. To feel peace. To connect with (Inner) Nature. And therefore I literally need to go to the Other Side of the World.

She pointed me in the direction of USA, where some of my roots lie ( I know I have been an Native American Indian Woman in a past life). However, the USA is very big. Where to go? I knew I had to wait for signs, to trust on my intuition instead of using my mind and looking on google, Lonely planet, etc. The Universum helped me and send a beautiful soulmate on my Path, Pascal, who connected me with Christa: a dutch woman who has a ranch in Texas, USA. For that was something my Soul also showed me: I need to connect with horses in a spiritual way. I never had ‘a thing’ with horses, but this was a really clear sign I received several times. Christa invited me, without me asking, to stay with her and her family for a while. Help on the ranch, to learn from the horses, to exchange our gifts (singing with horses…) 🙂
I alsof felt I need to go back to Peru (where I went 13 years ago for the first time), so my Journey goes in that direction as well. I will be on this Journey for 9 months and leave 3 november.

Trust and I will receive

More magical things happened in this process of getting more alligned with my Soul’s Path & my Heart longing. When I was in Glastonbury recently doing a Priestess training, we did a beautifull ‘Womb healing’ ritual’. In this amazing cave I was being invited by our teacher Klara to start singing as a beginning of this ritual. Every cell in my body felt the sounds resonating and I was filling the entire place with this powerful instrument I have: My Voice. I am born to sing, to help other people open their hearts by using my Voice and to give myself and others Joy by doing that. I know this for quite some time, but in this magical place I could not supress this deep longing and big gift of mine any longer. I don’t know yet how to manifest this in my life…but this Journey can also help me to gain Trust: that I will receive the right people in the right time & the right possibilities, to make this a reality.

When I feel like it, when I am overseas, I will write on FB on or my website to share some things with you. However, I am not promissing. I will feel in the moment what my needs are and what wants to happen and flow… 🙂

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