The Power of the Heart


So…. we have this ‘thing’. This amazing ‘thing’: a Heart. An organ, a muscle, a very strong muscle that gives us life. Pomping blood, 4-5 liters per minute, to every part of our body. How amazing is that! The Heart, working for us, every minute, every hour, every single day of our lives. Until our heart stops… and we die.

The Heart

That’s the psyhical part of the Heart. A very important part, because without a working- heart, we are dead.
I have a friend who has heartproblems. A couple of times he almost went to  the Other Side’… Recently he received a defibrilator which enables him to enjoy life, a little bit longer. Amen to Science for that!

Beyond physical…

The Heart is so much more than only a physical organ. It’s the place where we and others can meet: You, the Real You. Your Essence. Your Soul.
I believe it’s within our Heart, we find the Energy of Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness. Ultimately: LifeForce. The feeling of Aliveness.

Do you know, the Heart is the place where we capture information first?! Then a signal is send to your brain and afterwards your body responds and you can become aware of a sensation. But it all starts within the Heart; a great Receiver of Energy.

Closing & opening the heart

Our Heart is often closed. We don’t have to make a big effort to close it. It goes automatically. We have learned so well in life, to close ourselves from getting hurt. From feeling pain, rejection, grief, anger, fear. It seems to serve us in life. Protecting ourselves from all those feelings we label as ‘negative’, ‘nasty’ or ‘unappreciated’. But that ‘seems to serve’ is only appearance.

In the beautiful and best movie I ever saw ‘The Power of the Heart’(*), Mark Nepo claims:
“We are the only living form on Earth that can become ‘Living deads’. We are capable of cutting of our feeling of truly being Alive.”

So; we can have a working-Heart on a physical level, but feel dead inside anyway. Numbness will close us from feeling.

The thing is, and it might seem a contradiction, the same feelings such as pain, anger, fear, grief can actually help us opening our heart. And as a big Bonus: open hearts of others as well. How? By connecting with everything we feel and expressing it!

Softness and vulnerability: the secret for opening the Heart

I believe the World needs more softness and vulnerability and that will help opening our hearts more and more.  A lof of good things can come from that.

Femke Zwart

A couple of months ago I was participating in a training and I told the course-leader: “I used to be afraid of my softness (that also includes my sensitivity) . For a long time there was a believe inside of me, that ‘softness’ was the same as ‘weakness.’ Now, I know better. I feel there is so much power, so much strength, lying inside of my softness.”

I learn to embrace my softness and sensitivity more and more. Every time, over and over again, I have the experience when I dare to open my heart and express what’s there – while it’s by crying, talking, singing, dancing, screaming, writing, cuddling, …the form doesn’t matter- it helps me to open up. It doesn’t matter either, what feeling is inside of me, that wants to be seen, heard and expressed. I see and feel the effect it has on Others as well. It helps them to open up too. So…what are we waiting for? 😉

Today I wrote a couple of words on Facebook to someone I know only a little bit, as a reply to something she posted. A part of my reply was: “I wish you lots of (Self)Love and a lot of softness. I believe we all need a lot of Softness, to open our Hearts.”
And then: poefff, by writing these words, I felt my own Heart opening and I felt connected again with the Energy-Source of Abundant Love.
I shared this on my own timeline today. I received a lot of likes and responses as a result. For me, once again the proof that we all, can use softness and vulnerability to help opening up.

We are not alone in our longing for (Self)Love
We are not alone in our grief, for lack of Love
We are not alone, in our fear to get rejected, misunderstood or left out

Let’s be together, let’s Unite

Are you with me?

Are you with me, creating a Wave of Love, Openness, Safety? To be Real, to be ourselves?! To open up, even in times we feel afraid, insecure, ashamed, …. This doesn’t mean we don’t set boundaries, if something doesn’t feel right to us (but that’s a new topic).
In this Wave we don’t need to wait for the Other one to open up first…but take initiave to open up, and thereby; help others to do the same.
What do you need to open your Heart? What works for you?

Feel welcome to share underneath this post. Also when you feel triggered by my words in any way, welcome to share. Let’s create space, to be Real. To Open Up.

Love to you!

* I definitely recommend seeing the movie ‘The Power of the Heart’, it can change your life!

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