Ode to Mother(s)

Around 5.5 years ago, fall 2009, my mum called me. I think for her (as well as for me) it must have been one of the most important and difficult calls in her life.
“I went to the doctor”, she started.
I felt immediately: “Oh shit, this is not gonna be good news.”
“They have discovered a lump in my breast, and it’s not a good lump. I have breastcancer”, she said.
I started to cry. She tried to reassure me instantly…her daughter being afraid of losing her mother. How afraid she must have been herself at that point.

The battle begins

Her battle began, to conquer this disease. She had an operation, went through radiation and did all sorts of alternative things as well. Doing a lot of Inner-work, so the healing could also take place within. Using Love as a medicine, as well. Ofcourse, when someones gets sick, this changes a lot in the family system. Everyone tried to support her, the best way we could, but in the end…it was her battle. She was very determined to come out of this Alive, and she did! 1 month ago, 10th of April, my mum turned 67 (see pictures below). Luckily she won this battle!

I am so thankful she is still among us. As I grow older myself,  and seeing my parents grow older and dealing with aging and sickness, my appreciation and love for them expands. While writing this, I am crying…because I feel so much Love for them.

My mum, a Woman with a big big heart. Who loves to be among people. She loves connection. She’s absolutely the ‘Mother familias’ who brings the family together. She loves beauty & harmony, gardening, the see, good healthy food. She loves to laugh and enjoy life.
She is also a perfectionist. If it’s with cooking, how she dresses herself, in the work she did with elderly people…she always tries to give the best she can.
How I resamble my mum in this (except for the cooking and gardening 😉 )
I hope she permits herself to become better pals with ‘her perfectionist’, so she can enjoy life even more.

Honoring our bloodline

We Women are all daughters, coming from a bloodline of mothers, grandmothers, great-grand mothers, etc. A bloodline of Sisters, through times and ages. All struggline with life in our own way. Discovering our Path. And along the way, carrying and releasing old karma.

We might have difficulties with our Mother. In the past I could feel very annoyed with my Mum. She was minding my business and expressing her fears towards me, in a way that felt sometimes manipulative to me. Now, as I am standing more on my own to feet and feeling my Heart more, I am able to see this dynamic in a loving way. Honoring her fears, her needs, loving her for her intentions to save me from getting hurt and at the same time: feeling, what’s right for me. As my Selflove has grown, also the Love for my parents did.

What is it about…really

Today, 10th of May, is “Mothers’ day” here in the Netherlands. Let’s take this day beyond the commercall day that the media made out of it. We can take this oppurtunity to feel and (re)connect with our Mother, the Woman who literally gave birth to us. What an amazing thing this is! It’s where we come from. Mother’s Day to me is really about: celebrating and honoring my mother and Motherhood. One of the most important and challenging tasks in life,  I believe.

I hope you have (had) the privilege to have a Mother who loves you deeply. If not, I hope you feel somewhere in your heart some love for her, the Woman who gave Life to you. Among my (Facebook)friends there are Women who lost their Mother already in life. I send you and all Mothers out there, lots of Love.

To me, Motherhood is also about Sisterhood. Not every Sister has given birth to life (by choice or Life/God has chosen a different Path for them), but we all have that Mother Energy inside of us.

Today I am going to visit my Mother. We are having lunch together, with my dad as well (and one of my brothers might join also). I am going to express my love towards her. And just: be with her, while she is still with us.

Love to you!

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