It turns out… I’m a horsewoman

A few days before I went to Texas, USA my 6th year old nephew called me a ‘horsegirl’ because I told him I was about to work with horses, and learn to ride them. I never saw myself as a ‘horseperson’. When I arrived here 3 weeks ago, I had absolutely no experience with horses whatsoever. You can’t speak about ‘riding a horse’ of course when I only ‘sat on a horse.’ Once when I was about 11, the other time when I was 24 years old. That 2nd time I was absolutely terrified when the horse descended. I was on a very high mountain in Ecuador and regretting big time I let myself talked into joining that ride.

With still this fear of horses inside of me, I followed my intuition (soul’s longing or Gods’ plan). In several visions I saw a horse. Whatever called me, I listened to it and I knew I had to go to the USA and detach myself from basically everything that I knew and everything that provided me safety.

Me with ' Rebel' on my first trail, Terrant Ranch, Texas USA.

Me with ‘ Rebel’ on my first trail, Terrant Ranch, Texas USA.

Working with horses

I started with feeding the horses hay and scooping their poo here in Texas USA. Looking behind my back frequently because I was afraid they would attack me. In the beginning I only trusted my eyes. Now I learn to use my other senses as well.
Within a few days I started to feel more at ease with the horses. Then I started with groundwork: walking with the horses and seeing how they would react on my calls of stopping, walking backwards, making turns, etc.

With the horses I practice patience, trust, perseverance, being clear to the horses (words, body language and movements alligned) and so much more.

Mirror mirror, challenge for my Ego

My days here are very intense and quite challenging, especially for my ego. Not only the horses but also Christa (who I’m staying with and her family) is very much a mirror to me. She gives me very honest feedback which is sometimes very confronting to take in. My ego sometimes feels very small but I know deep down the challenges I face now, are for a better cause and I need to stay and experience it all, and learn from it although it’s not always easy.

It became very clear why I went on this journey and why I needed to be on this specific place with Christa, her family, the horses and the other animals. Besides 10 horses and 1 mule I can also work on my fear for big dogs since there are 5 dogs here. The first few days the dogs jumped upon me and I didn’t knew what to do. I got irritated and scared. Soon I learned ‘ doglanguage’ and discovered behind their barking and jumping I’ll found 5 very sweet dogs.

My first ride

A few days ago I said to Christa: “Ok, I’m ready to start riding.” Already the plan was to visit Jimmy, a good friend of her, and horsetrainer. So, that’s how it happened that my first ride on a horse, the 3th time in my life, I went trailriding.

It wasn’t a trail for beginners. On a horse I did not knew, ‘Rebel’, I went, together with a group of experienced horseback riders, on a very challenging trail with climbing and descending on mountains, walking through creeks, on small paths through the trees. Sometimes feeling fear. Especially the 2nd day when my horse startled from my cowboy hat flying from my head because of the strong wind and me not feeling very balanced while sitting on the horse (but actually my balance turned out pretty good).
Till my surprise both Jimmy and Christa told me I have ‘a feel’ for horses. ” What you did was amazing”, were Jimmy’s exact words. Jimmy never would have choosen to ride this trail if he thought I couldn’t do it. And if the horse I was riding wasn’t well trained (he was training ‘Rebel’ for a few months now). It feels like time, to feel the same faith in myself as others feel (instead of listening to my ‘inner perfectionist’ who always finds reasons not to be pleased).

The next day my mind spoke to me: ” What I did, ride this trail as an absolute beginner, is impossible. You need to take a lot of lessons first, before you can do this. ” But…without any lessons, I did it. In this way, amazing myself. If I’m able to deeply believe my own capabilities and receive the ‘ unexpected’ more magical things can happen.

My journey continues. Till next time.


  1. well done Femke, keep enjoying the ride!

  2. Jimmy is a great teacher. It is important to have a trainer like him guiding you through a trailride like this, teaching you about riding. He knows how to build confidence in people, especially when they are outside their comfort zone. And it’s not only the teacher… It takes a good student as well… Be proud, you are doing an amazing job.

    • Thanks Christa!
      You are absolutely right about Jimmy. He’s a very good trainer and yes, he gives people confidence. That’s what he did with me also.
      You’re not so bad yourself 🙂

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