From couch potato to ‘yoga-junkie’

When I arrived in Texas, my belly was bigger then the belly of Christa’s daughter, who was at that time 23 weeks pregnant 🙁 . However, a good stimulans to exercise and mind my diet. I’ve started doing a lot of rituals and exercises since I got here. Good for body, mind and soul. Within a week or so, I felt already a lot of positive changes. Luckily her belly grew (like it should when you are pregnant), and mine shrinked. 🙂

In this blog I will share with you what I do on a ‘ normal’  day (and what I do on a not so normal day).

Start of my day

IMG_7285My alarm goes of at 06.15 hr in the morning. I let it snooze for a couple of minutes, then I get up and do some exercises in my trailer. Usually that’s a set of lunches and crunches to build (and keep) strong legs, stretching my arms and back, doing a chakra cleaning and put some frankcincense oil on (to purify myself).
Then I go to the house where Christa and her family lives. On my 3th day here, Christa and I started doing yoga together. I remember the first days… I was moaning, sighing, making all kinds of noises because I felt parts of my body I never or hardly used 🙂 So, every morning I ‘ strike a pose’. Like Madonna, but slightly different. I do the warrior-, child-and chairpose, sunset meditation and some other poses. After that I do some more exercizes for my legs and belly. And then as a ‘reward’ we have a very nice and healthy fruitsmoothie for breakfast. I do another chakra cleaning. This time outside and using the crystal ‘selenite’  which has a purifying effect on your aura/chakra’s.

From couch-potato to ‘yogajunkie’

In my childhood I was pretty active with sports. When I started studying I did some volleyball, but after that I sort of became a ‘couch-potato’. There were periods where I went to the gym for a few months, maybe for a year or so…but most of the time I became lazy. Sitting on the couch, watching television and having a snack was more easy than moving my butt of the couch and go walking, cycling or do something else active. What I did keep on doing was dancing.

After a few days doing yoga here in Texas, my body started craving for it. When I can’t do yoga, I really miss it. Never thought I would turn into a ‘ yoga-junkie’. 🙂 I even bought myself a cheap yoga-mat to take with me to South America. So I can keep on practicing every day.

Christa told me it’s very important to be in neutral energy with the horses. So I won’t act out of irritation or the wrong power towards them. Yoga helps me to clear my head, gives me focus, strength and balance. All things which help me when I work with horses.

The rest of the day

After breakfast I go outside. I collect the bags and put hay in them. After that I usually scoop poo, give the horses fresh water and do some other chores. In between, Christa and I talk and have lunch. Sometimes we go grocerie shopping together.

On a ‘ not-so-normal’ day we go out. So far we have went to a spiritual festival together for 3 days, a ‘ Pow Wow’  event in Houston (a Gathering of Native Americans where tribes contest with eachother in dances) 2 days horseback riding in beautiful ‘ Terrant Ranch’ (see my earlier blog ‘ it turns out I’m a horsewoman’) visit friends, the cinema, etc. In a few days we go on another roadtrip to Big Bend National Park.

What I do in the evenings

Before it gets dark I give the horses a 2th time hay (or Christa does this). After dinner which I always enjoy (they cook very nicely over here), I sometimes help with doing the dishes. At a certain time I go to my trailer. I light a candle, put some incense on and I write in my journal. About things I learned, things we did, etc. I do some positive affirmations in the mirror (several times a day) to increase my selflove and I’m consciously working on my connection with ‘the Universe’.

This journal (on the right in the picture below) has become sort of a ‘ Bible’ to me. Family and some friends have written beautiful loving words in it, before I left. Wishing me well on my journey. Sometimes, when I miss ‘home’ (when I miss my loved ones) I read these words, and then they feel closer. And by now I have written a lot of words in them which are important to me.


My ‘ travel-altar’ covered with things I received as a present from family and friends, things I bought myself and things I found.

No matter what I do…

So far I have been ‘active’ in the role of: student (learning to work with horses), ‘horsetrainer’ (doing ‘groundwork’ with horses: walking, walking backwards, making circles, practicing several ‘ cues’ ), cleaner (cleaning the property outdoors), gardener (removing weed and little bushes), tick remover (from the dogs), ‘ professional’ cat-horses-dog-people hugger (person who gives hugs…didn’t find an actual English word for this)….I think that sums it up.

The cool thing is, no matter what I do here, it’s all ok. I feel humility, to be able to help and to learn so much.

A lot of these rituals and exercizes I do, increase my feeling of inner safety. It grounds me as well, meaning; I feel more connected with the earth. And it helps me to be more in the moment.

Probably my next blog will come after Christmas…so I already wish you lots of love and fun these days. Hopefully you can spend Christmas with the ones you love. Till next time.



  1. Hey lovely one,

    The beautiful thing I discovered, the awareness of your presence here. “All the way in Texas” and yet so close in heart and thought.
    Love you and feeling great couse you are doing great.

    • He Lale,

      Thanks for sending me your loving words.
      Love you too and still feel ‘warm’ inside how you and Marcoleon invited me to join the team.
      Wishing you a very lovely Christmas.


  2. enjoy the american life and have a merry christmas 🙂

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