Birth of a Goddess

“Sumaya is with you. I will never abandon you. No matter if you are in the deepest holes, in the most darkest places, I stay.”

These words I received from ‘Mother Ayahuasca’. It was april 2015 and I went to my first ayahuasca ceremony. I was feeling scared. Never in my life I used pschydelic means. Not for fun nor for healing purpose. I even never ever smoked hasj… innocence itself 🙂

My fear turned out to be unnecassary. In this ceremony only Love was send to me. I was invited to feel like a little baby girl again. Pure and totally innocent. A little child, cherished to the very core. I could feel I was loved: so deeply!
This whole inner journey I could nourish myself with Love. It was one big Love-bath. I felt the Universal  flow of Love endlessly. Accesible to everything and everyone. On top of that I met the Love I carry in my own Heart. So big, so full, so rich! No blockages but a free flow of Love. Amazingly beautiful!

Receiving a new name
First I did not understood what it meant, this name ‘Sumaya’. Was it a symbol for all my Sisters? For the Sisterhood which, at that time, was still pretty new in my life? Was it supposed to be the name for my unborn daughter? Or was it the birth of ‘A New Me’? I didn’t received clear answers. ‘Mother Ayahuasca’ said: “Let it go. Have faith. It will become clear.”

Later during that ceremony I was a Mother, giving birth. I was giving birth to myself. Not myself as a little baby but as a woman. I birthed… a Goddess.
Yes, at that moment some kind of lightbold switched on in me.

After this ceremony I carried this name with me, in silence. In the meantime I kept on going with my inner growth and consiousness- expanding- process. Now 1,5 years later, after feeling in depth what this name means to me, it’s time to come out with it into the World: Welcome Sumaya.

Meaning of this name
Sumaya is an Arabic name and means: ‘high’, ‘proud’, ‘majestic’. In my life I have struggled with feeling unworthy so it was very special to receive this name at age 37. Now 1,5 years later I feel this name in depth and I can carry it.
The sound of this name “Su-ma-ya”… it feels powerful, warm, loving, soft, grounded and yes: somehow majestic. It breaths a kind of naturel state of BEING. Which has nothing to do with arrogance but with taking my place, allowing myself to be… and to be fully: myself. Living my True Nature. How appropiate this name, for my Life and my mission.

‘Sumaya’ and me…it  feels like a Unity.
I will be using this name for the unique gift my Soul has to offer to the world: My sounds, my voice and what comes naturally with that: my Love.

I am Sumaya, singer and soundhealer.
I welcome myself.
I welcome you.



  1. Tove Elin says

    Thank you so much Sumaya Femke!
    This is so, so great!
    It’s a beautiful goddess name!
    Shine your light from the highest perspective in you!
    Share your gifts with the world!
    God-in-you! Goddess in Norwegian is Gudinne=God inside! Connecting sounds is an other beautiful name! Blessings and kisses to your journey and everything that is!

    • Thank you dear Tove, Sister of the Heart!
      For your beautiful words of Encouragement, Love and Light.

      I send you blessings as well for your journey and hope to meet you again some day.
      Maybe, when the flow of the Universe goes in that direction… I will give a concert one day in Norway 🙂
      Big hug!

  2. Ik buig voor jou Sumaya Femke,je bent prachtig,knuf,Carry

  3. Mooie inspiratie om te zijn wie je bent met al je pracht. Diepe buiging voor jou, my queen <3

  4. Trots mag je zeker zijn als je doet wat jij gedaan hebt. Het lijkt me meer dan een mooie ervaring en gun eenieder zo’n ‘awakening’ (incl. Mijzelf als ik het ooit aan ga durven ☺️)

    • Dank je Mark voor je liefdevolle woorden.
      In mijn beleving bestaat ‘Awakening’ in verschillende vormen. Wellicht heeft het bij jou ook al plaatsgevonden alleen herken je het niet (omdat je een andere vorm verwachtte…).

  5. Wat mooi 🌸
    Zo’n prachtig proces;ik zou dat zelf ook zo graag willen

    • Dank je Petra.
      Ik weet niet wat je ook zo zou willen…. het ontvangen van een nieuwe naam? Een vergelijkbaar spiritueel proces?

      Sumaya Femke

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