Barking deer calling her Tribe

Barking deer calling her tribe

This morning I went riding on my bike to the gym. A beautiful deer was barking. I don’t know if it was a male or a female deer. I read that female deers can also have antlers.*
Anway, I was in a hurry to make it to my bodypump class so didn’t have time to stop for a moment. I felt fascinated by her sound. It was a deep barking sound. It felt to me she was calling her tribe.

Barking deer

When I walk into ‘my beautiful garden’ (I live in the forest in Zeist) I often encounter the sheep living there. Sometimes I stand there for a while, listening to their sounds. If you listen a bit longer, you discover; they all have their unique sound. Some are sounding high, some are sounding low or in between. They all bellow (blaten) in their own way. It’s actually a free concert, if you come to think of it.

My cat has her own sound too. Every morning when I wake up she expresses by meow in her way that she wants my loving attention. I never heard a cat meow like she does.

As I was riding on my bike this morning, after sports and grocery shopping, I came across the deer again. Again… she was barking. Probably really enjoying her sounds 🙂 The other deers were all together in one corner of the field. Maybe as some kind of sheepdog the deer directed them to walk and gather in one corner, so they would feel together, as part of something bigger then themselves…

Humans with their ‘barking sounds’

Just as animals, we humans have our own ‘barking sound’: our own voice.
How does your voice sound?
Do you know?
Are you familiar with your own voice?
Have you come across the depth of your voice, your sounds, your soul, really feeling the vibrations in your body, intensely? Feeling the emotions which you can express with your voice?
Have you discovered the immense room you can create within yourself just by using your voice authentically? Really sharing with the world what you have to say.
Do you know the feeling of joy, when you express yourself with your true voice? By singing, by talking (and I don’t mean chitchatting about the weather here) 🙂

Isn’t it amazing?! This tool we have to express ourselves!

Facing some bumps on the road

Unfortunately…we often don’t express ourselves. Or not in the way we would love to.
We hold back because we feel shame, fear of judgements, fear of not being good enough. We are afraid of making mistakes or hurting someone (but in the meantime we are hurting ourselves by not being honest, authentic, truthful) etc.

Does this sound familiar to you? I tell you a little secret: you are not the only one. There are a lot of people who feel frightened to let people hear them speak or sing. People who are afraid to express their feelings. I have been in this place to, and still am sometimes. And that’s totally ok, and understandable.

Good news for you!

The good thing is, you have this amazing tool which you can use in your advantage, your own voice! You can create more freedom, more creativity and more love in your life by using your voice more authentically. It takes some courage to step out of your comfortzone and dear to try something new. And keep on going (don’t expect wonders just from one try).

You can start by making sounds. It doesn’t have to be big or anything. You can start with 1 simple tone. Everyone can do that…even if your mind says you can’t sing. And be aware: what kind of thoughts are coming up? Maybe feelings come to the service. Probably judgements will arise. Maybe you want to push your feelings away. Just, with a innersmile, be aware of what happens inside of you. That is the first step.

If you do this regularly, expressing your voice by singing and in that way connecting to your body and your emotions, you can discover a lot about yourself, about your true voice. And create magical changes in your life!

I am calling out to you! Do you wanna be in my tribe? My tribe of ‘barking deers’, sounding their own unique sounds and loving it?! Welcome.

If I can help you in any way with creating more freedom, more creativity, more acceptance or more of something you are longing for in your life, please let me know so we can have a look how I can help you.

If you feel this blog resonants somehow in you, and you want to share your thoughts (sounds 🙂 ) below, you are very welcome.


* For this blog I shape reality: it was a female deer 😉

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