A dance for you people: WAKE UP & GO BEYOND ‘THE SYSTEM’ (an invitation to open your heart)

We face a lot of challenges today. Politics, governments, laws and rules, earth polution, wars, rapes, abuse. Parents abusing their children verbally, fysically or emotionally. Education systems that don’t work anymore for today’s children. A big space where the masculine energy still rules. The list goes on and on.
My heart aches because of all of this…at the same time, my heart feels more open with love then ever before. Which allows me to let my love flow to everyone and everything that is able to receive it.

More people are waking up. They feel a longing in their heart to break out of ‘the system’. To release chains. To stop molding themselves in a shape, a size, a person that fits into mainstream but is very far away from who they really are! Ofcourse in this waking-up process we face challenges. Disapproval, doubt, insecurity, failure, fear, pain, sadness…if not from others, maybe from ourselves. Our mind, wanting to leave things familiar, how it always has been…safe in our comfortzone. But our hear longs to open up, go beyond these patterns, structures, rules, old conditions, …Our heart ‘just’ wants to love.

If you are one of these people waking up: you are not alone in this challenging journey! Although it might seem otherwise, I believe our (collective) conciousness grows bigger day by day. The Tribe of people who want to open their hearts and spread the message of Love, compassion and respect grows bigger day by day. That warms and comforts my heart.

This is a video of me, dancing on the beautiful song ‘Spirit Bird’ of Xavier Rudd. Singing, sharing, cuddling and dancing (among other things) helps me to stay close to what’s in my heart.

What is your way, of connecting to your heart? I would love to hear from you.

Please share underneath this blog, so we can inspire eachother to open up and keep opening up. Also in times when we stumble upon vulnerability, ackwardness, insecurity, pain, anger, etc. Let’s create a Love-movement, so the abuse and violence gets less space to nurture in. Will you join me in this Love-movement?

Love to you!

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