Treinontmoeting met een ‘Pippi’ van 81 jaar

Met mijn paarse lange jas, blauwe sjaal en rode rok kom ik aanlopen op het perron. Al reizende van Rotterdam naar Den Haag om te gaan dansen bij Ecstatic Dance. Onze blikken kruisen elkaar. We schenken elkaar een lach. Ik ga vlak naast haar zitten om … [Read more...]

Treingesprek: In of uit de Matrix, wezenlijk contact en loslaten

'Goeiemorgen' ‘Wat leuk… dat je me gedag zegt’. ‘Dat is toch normaal...?!’, zegt de vrouw die naast me komt zitten in de trein. En ze schenkt me een lach. ‘Nou… iedereen zit zo weggedoken in hun smartphone tegenwoordig... vrijwel niemand zegt … [Read more...]

Birth of a Goddess

“Sumaya is with you. I will never abandon you. No matter if you are in the deepest holes, in the most darkest places, I stay.” These words I received from ‘Mother Ayahuasca’. It was april 2015 and I went to my first ayahuasca ceremony. I was feeling … [Read more...]

Op avontuur met ‘Giels Talentenjacht’

De afgelopen weken waren een groot avontuur. Van spannend, (beetje) eng, twijfel tot nieuwsgierig, vervuld, blij en energiek. Met het lied ‘Ken ik jou’ deed ik mee aan Giels Talentenjacht. Ondertussen begon ik ook nog aan een nieuwe baan en was ik op … [Read more...]

Coming home

I am not writing these words in Texas. Neither in Peru. As John Lennon once said:" Life is what happens to you, while you're busy making other plans." The plan was to be on a journey abroad for almost 9 months... In less then 2 months I returned … [Read more...]

From couch potato to ‘yoga-junkie’

When I arrived in Texas, my belly was bigger then the belly of Christa's daughter, who was at that time 23 weeks pregnant :( . However, a good stimulans to exercise and mind my diet. I've started doing a lot of rituals and exercises since I got here. … [Read more...]

I’m dying… and it’s ok

I'm dying...and it's ok. Yes, really. It's ok. Giving birth Last summer a woman said to me:"Oh, you are going away for 9's like a pregnancy." I did not conciously plan it like this (not all pregnancies are conciously planned ofcourse … [Read more...]

It turns out… I’m a horsewoman

A few days before I went to Texas, USA my 6th year old nephew called me a 'horsegirl' because I told him I was about to work with horses, and learn to ride them. I never saw myself as a 'horseperson'. When I arrived here 3 weeks ago, I had absolutely … [Read more...]

Me and my body: letting go a pattern of 28 years

Creating a safety layer Since I am 10 years old, I have had 'Body-issues'. At that time in my life, I started to eat more, and put on weight. We just moved when I was 10 and for a short period of time I was being bullied at my new school. I did not … [Read more...]

Love Letter to ‘Tiger’

Dear sweet ‘Tijgertje’, I have never wrote a letter like this before, but you deserve some special words. This is my Love Letter to you. A big decision The last months I had to make a lot of decisions. The hardest one had to do with you. A … [Read more...]