“It’s scary to put your voice out there sometimes
But we never know who we are impacting
So we just have to move
past our own fear”
(Imani Uzuri)


Many of us know the experience of suppressing our needs, longings, fears, feelings, and emotions. Being human is, in fact, a very vulnerable thing.

As a child, we sometimes need to hide parts of ourselves… to survive in the world. Out of fear to be rejected, to not fit in, to not be understood.

All we are craving for as innocent children is to be loved and feel safe. But what happens if that is not the case?

We then start to create an image to increase the chance of being accepted and loved by the outside world.

Inner voices, our thoughts, can take over and prevent our natural way of expressing ourselves.

“If if say this… people will like me.”
“If I share my Truth… they will bully and outcast me, so I better shut up.”
“My mother told me I can not sing. She must be right… so I will stop.”

We start to censure ourselves, hide curtain parts, and withhold (a part of) our Truth.

This process is human. However,… such a shame later in life when you start to discover you feel blocked to express yourself and live from a created image instead of ‘the real you.’

Do you long for: 

– more ease and freedom to express yourself authentically?
– a deeper connection with yourself? With your body & with what’s alive inside of your heart?
– honest & profound relationships with others?
– a feeling of coming home in yourself, feeling safe within yourself in this big world?
– empowerment? Sensing your potential and having the courage to live your life the way you want instead of adjusting to others? 

I invite you to ‘Reclaim your Freedom.’ To discover what magic wants to pour out of you into the world! By reclaiming your freedom, you give a gift to the world! 

Welcome at ‘Connecting Sounds.’

If I can help you in any way, feel free to reach out to me. I love to help you along your journey. 

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Sumaya Femke


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Sumaya Femke is a gifted healer and coach in a way that is integrated into herself as a woman and as a compassionate and caring human being.  She has a deep acceptance of others and a special ability to come alongside someone she is supporting with that sense.  In that way you are not alone when you work with Sumaya in any way.  As well as her care, she has a way of bringing lightness and fun and laughter is never far away. In this way, she points to joy in the world and helps to open pathways of happiness for us to walk along. 

Her connection with sound and music is an natural part of who she is and in meeting Sumaya Femke you will meet a naturalness that you cannot help but feel at home with.  I am very happy to recommend Sumaya Femke from personal experience.

Grace Walker

From the UK